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20.03.2013 às 10h31
Fernando: 2007 to 2013, summoned every year
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Experienced player that every coach loves. Many say that an ideal group needs to merge youth with experience. Imagine, then, if you can have both characteristics in a single player? 21 years old and six of those serving the Seleção Brasileira. This is Fernando, Gremio and Brazil’s winger.

Summoned to face Italy and Russia, in friendlies on Thursday and 25th, respectively, Fernando received praise from Felipão even before he reported. When he released the list for these games, the coach was asked about the winger.

- I do not like leaving my defense exposed, I'd rather have a defensive player making the protection up front, and I think Fernando, given his characteristics, can be the player - said Felipão.

It was exactly this way that Fernando has built his history in the Seleção base teams. Summoned for the first time on March 25, 2007, he participated, wearing the shirt 5, of the victorious campaign in the South-American U-15 that year, played in Brazil.

Since then, Fernando has not left the Seleção Brsileira anymore. In 2008, without official competitions at the base, he was called for friendly tournaments like Nike Cup. In 2009, the winger won another title. He was champion of the South-American U-17 Championship in Chile, but was not present at the World Cup that year, when Brazil was eliminated still in the first round.

Once again summoned for friendly competitions in 2010, Fernando was in Ney Franco’s list for the South-American U-20 in Peru 2011. During preparation, the winger was on the bench. Began the competition also on the bench, but won the starting place and was essential for another conquest of Seleção Brasileira.

Owner of the midfield of that U-20, the high point for Fernando in Seleção Brasileira came in August 2011. Tireless in every match, the player took an effective part in winning the World Cup U-20 in Colombia, title that crowned that generation.

With his trajectory at the base complete, 2012 was the year of the claim for Fernando. Would he have a straightforward chance in the main Selelção? Because it came at the very end, called for the friendlies against Iraq and Japan played in Wroclaw, Poland, and the Super classic of the Americas against Argentina.

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